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Adam Warne is an exquisite percussionist of some considerable genius. If you need a drummer
to hit something and make a noise (pretty much any drum and any noise) for your projects,
be it film or game soundtracks, parties, belly dancers, composition or musical guidance, you'd
struggle to do better. Find out what he's up to at www.rhythmicginger.com


DigitalBelles run a small business in the North of England and need help with your social media marketing? Need to establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on?
The possibilities are endless. Run a real ales pub and want to tell your customers in real time which
guest ales you have on tap tonight? Perhaps you sell flowers and want people to know about your
special deals? Speak to DigitalBelles at www.digitalbelles.co.uk or join them on Facebook and send
them a message.


Need a new PC that will run reliably, smoothly and quickly and won't be obsolete before you get
it home? Tired of poor quality shop bought computers where the salesman doesn't know his
onions and just wants to flog you what's on the shelf? Sick of noisy PC fans humming away in the background while you try to work from home? P!ngPC specialise in all types of custom
built computers for all types of user from your Granny to your Expert Gamer. Get in touch at www.pingpc.co.uk.